The Third Time’s a Charm.

I’m back.

Yes! After a long blogging hiatus, like almost a three-year hiatus, I have been pulled back to the written word. Well, at least in this format. Trust me, my Facebook page is like a full-on novel, but my marketing team has honed me back in and have insisted my longer rants be in actual blog format. In my defense as to why I left the land of blogging, besides being obnoxiously busy, it also panged me to go to my website. It was half hazardously created in 2008 and was SO outdated from the aesthetics to the content. I have grown so much since my initial leap into making my passion into a business and this site didn’t represent who I am in present time at all. Even the URL “how2eatraw” is far from who I am and was very limiting. Not saying I don’t eat mostly plant-based raw food, but the last time I checked, I am not a diet nor do I succumb to diet dogma, at least not anymore. In fact, it’s been a few solid years since I derailed my one-track eating approach.

Now with the launch of my new website (with another even more amazing site on it’s way this is the holding site until the real beast is unleashed) I can actually go it s way…this is the holding site until the real beast is unleashed) I can actually go to my site without cringing and pound out some blog worthy reads for ya’ll. The plan is to stay pretty on top of things and regularly blog. But I’m not attached to this, and I hope you aren’t either. We’ll see where this new plan of action take us. Life happens, right? I am staying present…One blog at a time.

I think sometimes my blog trouble stems from a troubling trifecta that’s both a curse and blessing (kind of like my massive amount of hair). Being a perfectionist, having an undergrad in journalism and having worked as an editor I just can’t write pointless lackadaisical reading material…like a wounded, troubled artist it’s a whole artistic process for me. It’s truly an expression of myself (or who I think I am).

Not just sitting down and writing whatever just to get content out there. I do what I do to change lives, to get conversations going, even if I evoke a negative emotion in someone by, let’s say, poking fun at vegans, paleo’ers (is that even a word?) or any “food group” cultist, this means I at least got them thinking. And us “little people” are freakishly strong, plus I gave up caring if people like me a long time ago, so I can take the backlash (well most of the time; I am human and get triggered just like everybody else).

And so you can better understand, here’s how the above mentioned trifecta plays out: I am first inspired or as my New Ageness would say “called” to put something out there by way of some mind-blowing revelation (at least for me), then my wanting to make sure every word is more clever than the last kicks in (my perfectionism), followed by having to fact-check every word (my editor/journalist). Exhausting, right? I mean, for example, take my first blog post you are reading right now. It was supposed to be like 75 simple words announcing my return to the blog circuit, but instead turned into a 500+ word “I’m back” essay. And with that, I’m signing off…

Well, not before I remind you that I’ll be blogging on all things health related from nutrition to hormone health and also whatever is on my mind at the moment. For those who’ve followed my work over the years, know I will always deliver rich, meaty, meaningful content, that’s always uncensored and put out there to enrich others lives. So be sure to subscribe to my “open book” blog and if you feel called, please start up some dialogue here in my forum. And all of it is welcome. The good, the now and the later. I welcome written engagement and look forward to our journey together!

I didn’t go back and read this, or even do a spell-check! I am overcoming my deep-rooted fear of not being perfect. Freedom. Totally breathing through it and letting this blog go to print as is…


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