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Putting All The Puzzle Pieces on the Table.

The first thing you do when putting together a puzzle is you examine and organize all the pieces. You lay them out on the kitchen table and start to figure out what goes where.

Your health is a lot like that.

Your DNA is a piece. Your nutrition is another piece (even if you eat the healthiest stuff on earth!). Your lifestyle is a huge one. The house you live in might be a massive piece to the puzzle. And the target of all these factors— what ends up getting messed up the most— is your gut. So that’s often where the healing starts.

Parts Of The Puzzle.

Here are some of the many pieces of the puzzle that could be influencing your health that we’ll take a look at together.


Given that there are more bacteria (both “good” and “bad”) inside you than actual human cells, it’s not surprising that Hippocrates’ ancient wisdom has finally been shown, scientifically, to be true: “All disease begins in the gut.”


Recent research has shown that what your grandparents ate influences your genetic makeup—and therefore your health— today.


Even if you don’t take into account the poisons in processed food, the toxic chemicals used to treat even our freshest fruits and vegetables, and the general deadliness of the air we breath, there is a rapidly growing toxic mold problem that’s affecting people in deeply distressing ways. The mycotoxins (and other toxins) produced by even a small patch of mold from an undetected leak beneath your sink can cause devastating health effects.


Even if you’re eating the best food on this planet… food that’s grown in the Himalayas and blessed by the Dalai Lama himself… that still could be causing havoc in your body if it’s not the right food for you.


There are so many factors that make up your lifestyle, and each one of them could be dramatically influencing your health. We’ll investigate each contributing factor and see if it’s a piece of the puzzle or not.



  • “Andrea's unique training and expertise enable her to provide solutions to health issues that aren't “quick fixes”’, but rather long term cures. Andrea takes the time to understand the root cause of an illness and then has the unique ability to manage the healing process. This skill set— combined with the fact that she really cares about her clients — makes her absolutely one of a kind!”

    Gary T.
  • “Andrea helped my family through a massive mold/biotoxic exposure. Thanks to Andrea, we were quickly diagnosed and healed. She knew exactly what we were dealing with and what do to. She understood not only the obvious problems we were experiencing but also helped ward off greater issues by focusing on gut health and overall healing.”

    Elizabeth Katzman
    Elizabeth Katzman Lawyer, Raw Food Chef, Health Coach
  • I met Andrea McNinch in 2010 when I attended a Nutrition Certification program she hosted in Miami. I was blown away. It was this course that changed me forever. It was through her nutritional teachings that I truly realized the power foods played in healing, and was finally able to connect the dots from my traditional training and into the nutritional world.

    Dr. Michael Dangovian D.O., F.A.C.C.
    Dr. Michael Dangovian D.O., F.A.C.C. Cardiologist
  • Andrea delivers the truth about the importance of healthy eating and what it does not only to our bodies but our mind and soul as well. There is nobody else out there like her, and I am so fortunate to have her in my life as my healer and health coach. She teaches that it’s not just about what we put into our mouth, but why we should eat certain foods. She takes the guess work out of what we should and shouldn’t be eating.

    Sarah Gossett Mom
  • "Rarely does a nutritionist and food scientist continue to do as much research as Andrea McNinch. She’s skilled and scientific but not to a fault: she leaves enough room for human individuality and personal history. Andrea McNinch is an exceptional leader in her field of nutrition and wellness. She’s worked with the best and brightest and is highly experienced. When Andrea McNinch is on the case, you know the situation will be solved."

    David Avocado Wolfe
    David Avocado Wolfe Nutritionist, Adventurer, Environmentalist, Author
  • "As a mother dealing with every parent the biggest fear - a child's health problem, I must admit that a moment Andrea came into our life was like making a dream come true. So much knowledge, dedication, humanity and positive energy coming from her cured our daughter's body and our souls-thank you for all."

    Marija Velimirovic Financial Manager & Mom
  • "After decades of health problems and endless searching without finding any answers, I was just about to give up and accept that I would be chronically ill forever. That was before I was blessed enough to find Andrea McNinch and her wonderful staff. She helped me learn what had been ailing me all this time in a pinch. In my case it was bio toxicity/mold illness. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and a fierce determination to keep researching and learning until no stone is left unturned. In addition to her many professional qualifications, Andrea has a heart of gold. When beginning to work with her you can expect to finally get to the root of your issues while feeling genuinely cared for. In a time when there is a wide array of alternative and holistic practitioners to choose from, Andrea's gut health program is a diamond in the rough. if you are ready to get to get started on a journey that will give you a highly individualized plan to guide you to back to a state of optimal health, this is for you. I will be forever grateful for what she's done for me and the work she continues to put out into the world."

    Brandy Beck Biodynamic Horticulturist
  • "I highly recommend Andrea McNinch’s Gut Health Program. I have learned so much and have made great improvements following this program. Working with Andrea, I have completely transformed my diet by eliminating foods I’m allergic to and by incorporating nutrient rich foods into my diet. With so many diets available, it was confusing figuring out which one was best for me. Andrea taught me that there is no one size fits all approach to diet and together we customized one that works for me along with supplements targeted for my specific needs. She also taught me about biotoxicity and after genetic testing I was able to make the connection between my symptoms and the latest research on bio-toxin illness. By following the protocols, my health started to improve after 3 years of debilitating illness and pain. I am so grateful to have found Andrea and know that if you are looking to transform your health, build your immune system and protect yourself from illness, this is the program for you."

    Christina B. Program Manager


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