Polio. Don’t Believe the Hype.

I know talking about vaccinations publicly is the equivalent of hurling oneself into a (hungry) lion’s den. But thanks to the recent polio (doomsday) news, I feel obligated to stare this lion down. May the force be with me.

I’m going to make this short and sweet. I’m not going to get into the history of vaccinations for either side. Instead, I’m going to briefly talk about what is happening now. I am hoping this will keep things lighter and not so anti-fact vs. pro-fact and besides, there’s no better way to live than in the present. As I always say: “now” is “won” backwards!


First, I get why people are scared. Those who were around 50 years ago still have the devastation this disease caused etched in their minds. And for good reason. Those who nearly escaped death were left crippled. And according to the most updated Cecil Textbook of Medicine “no specific treatment is available” even in 2014, leaving this disease still widely feared.

The recent and highly PUBLICIZED (we only know what we are being told) threat of this horrific disease making a comeback is enough to scare America into doing anything to stay “safe.” And “anything” equates to more global vaccinations, because really what else can you do besides vaccinate as instructed by mainstream medicine? And mo’ vaccinations means mo’ money. We can’t ignore the fact that last year big pharma brought in 39 billion in sales just on vaccines alone! (oh, yeah but they are “saving millions of lives”). I’m just waiting to hear the American news media start the debate about bringing OPV back into circulation – what better time than now? When the world is scared shitless! What’s OPV you ask? Not to be confused with OPP though just as “catchy” as this classic OPV you ask? Not to be confused with OPP, though just as catchy as this classic 90′s Naughty by Nature jam, OPV instead means you are inoculated with a LIVE polio virus. But don’t be alarmed, it’s in minimal doses (!)… And people want to keep kids NOT vaccinated quarantined?

I mean just looking at that big fat pay-off, I am not sure why people are always so angered by what has been coined as “anti-vaccination propaganda”? Who has obvious vested interest here? Who do you think can afford to put out the most “propaganda” and has a giant reason to do so? And what’s in it for the non vaccinators? Money? Power? Nope. Maybe instead they are ones truly wanting to save lives – at least the lives (and quality of life) of their very own children.

And let’s not forget about OPV caused outbreaks. You betcha! Many cases of polio throughout the years are actually vaccine-derived (all 12 confirmed cases in 2000 were later “found out” to be from the OPV)! But again, getting back to the present, according to a report on the Global Polio Eradication Initiative website, there are 10 confirmed OPV-derived cases of polio in Pakistan and 1 in Nigeria in 2014! The point I want to make here is none of the fear mongering messages being delivered all over world news right now are telling you this. All you hear is gloom and doom! Polio is back! Vaccinate! Protect yourself and your children! Not one of these media stories mention that many of these outbreaks are actually attributed from the LIVE vaccination(s)! Which raises another question: how does this vindictive virus re-emerge? It doesn’t take a genius to go, well, if they still are putting a live virus into people, then it will never go away. Just sayin…

Let’s all pull ourselves out of the media-induced panic zone and take a deep breath to next look at the unnecessary polio fear being unleashed globally to pad more pockets. This ridiculous fear-based “global health emergency” WHO just declared is a little premature, no? Let’s put this into perspective. As of April 30, there are ONLY 68 confirmed cases thus far on the planet (and what is not being mentioned is 11 of those are confirmed as vaccine-derived; this number will continue to grow). By this date last year there were 24 confirmed cases and no global health emergency was declared. I mean, 24 last year to 68 this year at this time? That’s only 44 more cases in the world more than last year. Why all the panic?

And now for your final deep breath. There’s not only a simple cure for polio, the first reported research on this was in 1948!

Seriously Bill Gates, you could have instead given billions of dollars toward something the world needs such as free energy research and not gone on some anti-polio crusade. Oh, but right, right, this program wasn’t just some amazing act of charitable kindness (though many saw right through this), this actually made you billions more. And I am not taking away the seriousness of this disease and all the people that have died and were/are severely crippled from this horrible virus. It’s real.

So for something so real, let’s talk about the REAL way to eradicate polio: vitamin C!

Yup. Good old ascorbic acid given in megadoses intravenously. Why in the vein? Oral ascorbic acid has its limitations due to bowel intolerance and you can’t administer the large medicinal dose you need to wipe out viruses, non-viral infectious diseases, and even gram negative bacteria! The answer to everyone’s prayers was brought to the forefront by Dr. Fredrick R. Klenner at a medical conference in 1949. It was here Klenner first shared his benchmark account of curing 60 out of 60 polio patients by way of massive doses of intravenous vitamin C (click here for study).


Every patient was polio-free within 72 hours of his vitamin C dosing schedule (note: every patient required different doses). Andnone of the 60 polio patients were left with any deformities that have typically affected polio survivors. Klenner went on to write that two of his patients were in the very late stages of the disease and even then had a full recovery.

From here, Klenner went on to document many more cured cases of polio using his vitamin c regiment along with other diseases. Yet despite all the research presented by an actual medical doctor with no agenda, you see nothing about vitamin C in the media coverage surrounding polio. It angers me this research is ignored and many have died (and will keep dying unnecessarily) or have been left paralyzed and disfigured (or will be) when we have had the cure for almost 65 years. But there is no money to be made in vitamin C, no patent to be sold, no way big pharma can make money off something so simple and accessible. So sadly, this will still be kept from the masses and is why I am writing this blog. Please pass this along to friends and family who may live in affected countries.

And to simplify things even further, we now we have the advancement of liposomal supplement technology. This allows us to not have to spend a fortune on IV vitamin C while giving us the freedom to self-administer in the doses needed. This needle-free-freedom also allows us to keep a constant, uninterrupted flow of vitamin C for as long as needed.

This is simply an encapsulation technology that uses a fat (phospholipid) and an aqueous solution of water and ascorbic acid to create tiny vitamin C filled bubbles that are protected in this fat. This way you can take a massive oral dose, bypass bowel intolerance, and allow your system to take milligram doses in the upwards of the 100′s of thousands! And this form of vitamin C is also 100% bioavailable because it’s not destroyed by your gastric juices. It’s been proven liposomal encapsulation works better than IV’s! The liposome membrane is so similar to our cells own membrane structure making this the perfect marriage fordeep intracellular access. Click here for the link to the liposomal vitamin C I recommend.

Not buying it? Check out this story of a New Zealand farmer who contracted the swine flu (and not on his farm, but traveling on a airplane). He had a one-in-a- billion chance of survival according to medical mainstream. And that’s because these guys don’t know (or want to know) about vitamin C given in massive doses. It’s time to change that!

Please share this info. Let’s eradicate polio once and for all!

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