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How I Can Help You Learn How to Heal Yourself

I've found that there are four things that people need in order to be successful and achieve optimal gut health. Without these four things, you will end up frustrated and always in pursuit of some vague idea of “health.”

1. You need support.

You need people who aren't going to judge you and lovingly hold you accountable to move forward and help you never get stuck.

2. You need a balanced, sustainable plan.

Doing something extreme isn't going to work for long. I tried extreme diets… and they worked… for a time. But I found myself yo-yoing back and forth from wildly unhealthy extremes. You need a long-term solution.

3. You need clarity.

There are new ideas and diet crazes coming at you constantly, and you need a way to know what’s true for you and your body. A one-stop shop where you can make educated life-changing health decisions without having to sort through all the confusion. You need a way to cut through the crap and get to the good stuff!

4. You need joy in your plan (life).

You need to eliminate the drudgery and make eating fun and fulfilling. 

If any of these are missing, you are not on a sustainable plan.

And the beginning of a sustainable plan as you learn how to heal yourself has to start in the gut.

I used to joke that it would be great if all my clients were translucent. Like, I could see right into their bodies and figure out what was going wrong.

But in a way, my dream has kind of come true… scientific breakthroughs over just the last few years have really changed the way we think about health. We now have a much better picture of how our immune system works. And maybe more importantly, science has finally realized WHERE most of our immunity is located! Not that this is a new finding… it’s more like duh, did we forget?

Seventy percent of our immune system is in our gut. Which means: What happens in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut. It affects everything. There are scientists out there working today that call the gut our “second brain.” It’s that important.

I’ve seen so many miracles happen in my decade of nutritional teaching. I’ve helped a lot of different people in a lot of different ways. But the one thing that remains constant is that each and every plan is custom tailored to the individual. I focus on bio-individuality. I focus on balance. I focus on getting your gut “reset” so that it can heal… and once that healing begins, the results are truly, truly MIRACULOUS.

Wherever you are today is your starting point. Take that next step toward a better gut, a better life, and a BETTER YOU.