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Mung Bean Masterpiece!

In just 20 minutes you can enjoy this delicious Mung Bean Masterpiece meal that is both healthy AND delicious! Remember to use organic ingredients!

Detroit Nutritionist Challenges Harvard + The Modern Mediterranean Diet

Harvard School of Public Health gave us another big fat reason why avoiding fats is an outdated, bunk (and harmful) theory. Does your diet follow this?

Polio. Don't Believe the Hype.

An alternative to polio vaccines? We're on to something here. Read about the many life-saving benefits of Vitamin C.

Easy Peasy Spring Cleanse

Too many people nowadays are running around detoxing or cleansing and do not even know the science behind the why. Get the facts and the methods to give your body a the spring cleanse you deserve!

"My Rescue Dog Rescued Me" Just Went Next Level.

Here it was completely laid out for me: the irrefutable proof of the gut-brain connection.

Get Yo' Yang On!

CocoYUM is a yang inspired medicinal broth-type soup that is both nourishing and warming. I created this easy and perfectly balanced liquid medicinal masterpiece while in Greece this winter. Get the recipe and pictures here!

Instead of Eating Shark, Try Jumping One.

One major dietary practice the primal, paleo, and caveman diets teach us that is unique to these labels is grains should be avoided because we only introduced these into our diets as a way to survive. .

The Third Time's a Charm.

The blog of Andrea McNinch is here! Stay current on diet habits to let you live a full, happy, and healthy life!

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